Get to Know the Domain - China .CN

2016/01/01 00:00:00Lin


Get to Know the Domain - China .CN


Abbreviation:China, Cartoon


People’s Republic of China, generally known as “China”, is a socialist country in East Asia. Its capital is Beijing. China has the second largest land area and the most population, about 1.39 billion, in the world. The Chinese civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations. With its long history, China has a large number of relics, buildings, and traditional culture that attracts many people to visit and appreciate. China leads the world in exports since 2009 after she defeated Germany. Furthermore, she has turned into the second largest economy since 2011. Currently, the military force, technology level, and economic capability of China is gradually becoming one of the leading countries in the world. Domain that represents China is .cn. Additionally, CN is the abbreviation of cartoon. Net-Chinese offers .cn domain registration of one to ten years.