How Leading Brands are using their .STORE Domain?

2017/06/03 10:36:49Evonne

Going by ecommerce stats, 53% of global internet users have made an online purchase in 2016, which is approximately  1  billion!  Given  the  rate  at  which  the  eCommerce  industry  is  growing,  the  biggest challenge  that  eCommerce  brands  are  facing  today  is  customer  acquisition,  followed  by  customer retention. Branding and marketing are thus of crucial importance for every online business to succeed at gaining  new  customers. With  a  .STORE  domain  name,  brands  are  able  to  establish  a  brand identity  for themselves with a memorable and meaningful website address.

.STORE transforms a website address into a descriptive, memorable and meaningful message about the business.

Global brands love .STORE

With  over  100,000  domains  registered  on  .STORE,  the  domain  name  is  a  preferred choice  of  online businesses.  Various  brands  with  global  recognition  are  on  .STORE  since it  makes  their  online  store address short, crisp, and memorable.


Be it Formula1, LA Lakers, NBA or Boston Celtics, .STORE has been adopted by numerous sports brands for their official merchandise sites. These brands find it easy to advertise their .STORE domains instead of  long,  complicated  web  addresses,  which  are  hard  to  remember.  For  instance,  and   will   take   you   directly   to   their   respective   eCommerce   pages.   Same   goes   for (LA Lakers), (Boston Celtics) and (Golden State Warriors). The domain names also have a better connect with the fans, which is a big advantage for the brands. The domain name also clearly demarcates their online store from their primary online site which may have match schedules, fixtures, and news.


If you are in the US and you want  to search for a magazine store near you, you are most likely to type the words magazine store in Google. The Meredith Corporation,, a media conglomerate that owns over 300  magazines,  including  Better  Homes  and  Gardens,  All  Recipes  and  Diabetic  Living,  thus  invested  in acquiring  the  domain  name  As  the  name  suggests,  it  is  their  online  store  for subscriptions to hundreds of their magazines. The name is keyword rich and intuitive at the same time, thus making it easier for customers to find it. Interweave, one of the largest art & craft companies, also uses to take users directly to its magazine and resources store.

Pop Culture 

Popular  online  dictionary of  slang  words  and  phrases,  Urban  Dictionary  launched  its  official  store  on–  a  perfect  website  address  for  the  brand,  that  made  it  simple  for  Urban Dictionary to not only brand itself online but also to communicate to its customers where they can find all of their awesome merchandise.  

The  choice  of  this  domain  name  is  a  classic  use  of  a  .STORE  domain  name  being  used  to  establish  a brand    identity    for    an    eCommerce    site.    Some    of    the    other    exciting    examples include, a  popular  American  sports  entertainment  group.  American  science-fiction comedy,  Back  To  The  Future,  useswww.backtothefuture.storeto  take  users  to  its  ecCmmerce  portal.  American indie pop band, Foster the Peoples official store is also

Luxury Travel

Emirates,  the  Dubai-based  airline,  launched  its  official  store  on,  another  great example  of  a  brand  using  a  keyword  rich  domain  name  for  its  eCommerce  platform.  Luxury  car  brand, Porsche, also uses that redirects to its primary website where one can find the most accessible Porsche store in the users geography.

Local Businesses

From     animal     care     (     and     to     yoga     apparel (  to  tea  (  to  gin  &  tonic  ( -  .STORE  has penetrated across industries for small and medium businesses all across. Business owners find it easy to establish  an  online  persona  for  their  brand  with  a  .STORE  domain  that  makes  it  easier  for  them  to market their website address and grab user attention.  

Be it a local business or a global brand, eCommerce is a complex space for everyone given that theres a lot of clutter and various dynamics at play at all times. In addition, the competition in the online space is neck and neck, with each brand doing its best to stand out and be memorable. .STORE addresses these concerns with its sophisticated positioning and connotation, and is a sure shot way for brands to create a memorable first impression. 


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