Finding the Perfect Address for Your Online Store

2017/06/03 10:56:07Evonne

What’s  common  between  and  Both  businesses  realized  the importance of owning a powerful web address.

So, what makes these web addresses powerful? Well, apart from being more memorable and intuitive, they are short, brandable, and actionable. However, choosing a domain name for an eCommerce store is not  easy.  Theres  a  lot  to  consider  before  you  decide  on the  one.  Read  on  to  find  out  what  goes  into choosing that perfect domain name for an online store, and in turn build an excellent brand positioning right from the start.

What’s in a name?

Everything.  Your  name  is  your  most  crucial  identity;  and  in  the  virtual  world,  its  your domain  namethat  defines  who  you  are.    In  fact,  when  you  have  an  online  store  and  want  users to  transact  on  your website, your domain name plays a crucial role in building trust with your target group. Thats not all, a great domain name works in your favor in many ways:  

Credibility Did you know that 81% of online shoppers will search on the web before making a purchase? If they cant find you in their searches, you are losing out on a lot of business. What might work, though, is  to  have  a  domain  name  that  is  short  and  different  (since  Google  prefers  shorter  domain  names  and websites that stand out).

SEO Making your domain name keyword-rich is also crucial when it comes to showing up organically in search results. Having a domain name optimized for SEO,  can attract high traffic and visibility  to your online store.

Brand Your web address is the first impression you give to potential shoppers. What do you want them to  think  of  when  they  first  see  your  name?  Classy?  Innovative?  Creative?  Trustworthy?  Perhaps  all  of these? Choosing a great domain name is your chance to build that first impression and etch your name in the users minds. A web address that stands out will ensure that users recall your brand  quickly. 

Email A branded email address elicits trust, while a generic email address repels. Get business mail IDs to show that you take your online business seriously and are invested in it.

So, what makes a good domain name?

A  good  domain  name  is  Short,  Memorable  and  Simple,  or  SMS.  It  is descriptive  of  who  you  are  and  is intuitively understood by potential customers. A few things to consider when choosing a domain name are: 

1)It should include your business name or the business category. For example, uses the brand  name  while  uses  the  business  category  name.  While  a  brand  name  can further strengthen your positioning, a category name can prove to be keyword-rich, thus boosting your SEO.  

2)Remove  irrelevant  words,  alphabets,  characters,  or  numbers.  Choose  a  descriptive  name,  but  dont make it a sentence.

3)   Make   sure   the   domain   name   has   less   than   3   words.   For   example,   instead   of   choosing,  the  brand  chose–  a  smart  choice  that  is descriptive yet shorter.

4) Find a domain extension that fits your requirement perfectly. Today, there are over 1200 alternatives to  .COM,  pick  the  one   that  best  matches  your  business.  For  example,  the  official  Jimi  Hendrix merchandise  store  is  on,  a  notable  example  of  a  domain  name  that  fits  the purpose of the website instead of going after a .COM. 5)Ensure that you dont buy a name that is already copyrighted by another brand. This can land you in legal hassles later.


By using these tips, you should be able to create a shortlist of 4-5 domain names. Then all you need to do is buy the one you like and start setting it up! 


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