Get to Know the Domain - Ascension Island .AC

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Get to Know the Domain - Ascension Island .AC

Country:Ascension Island

Abbreviation:Ascension Island, Activated Carbon, Air Carrier


Ascension Island, an overseas territory of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, sites in the south of Pacific Ocean. The island was discovered in the eighteenth century, and the date is coincidentally the Ascension of Jesus for Catholics. As a consequence, the discoverer named the island after the holiday. 

We can often see “AC” in our daily lives. There is “AC” on a transformer which stands for alternating current. Air conditioner we often use is also abbreviated as “AC”. Other common words that would be shortened as “AC” are activated carbon and air carrier. Even asphalt concrete we use to build roads has the abbreviation “AC”.

Where do you see “AC” in your daily life? Be creative with .AC!