Get To Know the Domain - Monaco .MC

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Get To Know the Domain - Monaco .MC

Country: Monaco

Abbreviation: Monaco, Master of Ceremonies, Menstrual Cycle, Memory Clear


  Monaco is an European country.  France borders the country on three sides while the other side borders the Mediterranean Sea. Being one of the densely populated countries, Monaco is also a city state. The economy in Monaco is mainly based on gambling industry, tourism, and financial industry. Besides, Monaco has succeeded in the development of non-polluting industry. The state has no income tax, which leads to an amount of tax avoiders. Monaco is not formally a part of the European Union (EU), but it participates in certain EU policies, including customs and border controls. Through its relationship with France, Monaco uses the euro as its sole currency. Domain that represents Monaco is .mc, which is also the abbreviation of ‘Master of Ceremonies’, ‘Menstrual Cycle’, and ‘Memory Clear’.