Get To Know The Domain - .Coach

2016/01/01 00:00:00amber2017


The origin of coach meaning ‘instructor, trainer’ can dates back to the 19th century, which is a slang in Oxford University for a private tutor who ‘leads’ a student through an exam. Nowadays, ‘coach’ can also be used in sports and music competitions. However, do you know the other meanings for ‘coach’? That’s right, it’s a long distance bus! In fact, in most European languages, vehicles were often named for the place of their invention or first use. ‘Kocsi’ is a large kind of carriage that is first used in a town in Hungary, ‘Kocs’. In addition, ‘coach’ is also a famous brand for luxuries.

If you’re a coach, .coach shall be suitable for you! Additionally, those who drive or rent coaches are recommended to register for .coach as well!