■ Ownership Transfer Procedure

1. The ownership transfer must be executed before expiration date.

2. Ownership Transfer Steps:

A. Fill out Net-Chinese Domain Ownership Transfer Form and sign.

B. Prepare related certificate documents.

a. Registrant is a natural person: A copy of personal identification card of passport.

b. Registrant is the legal owner: Business Certification, Certificate of Incorporation.

C. Must pay ownership transfer administration fee.

D. Please fax or email the copy of signed Domain Ownership Transfer Form, related documents and payment receipt to Net-Chinese customer service.

E. After completed ownership transfer, Net-Chinese will send registrant information modify notification to inform new registrant.

3. Price: Ownership transfer administration fee.

4. Please note

A. If there are qualification restrictions on the domain, the transferee needs to meet the qualification requirements.  

B. If needed, provide the related certification documents for verification.

5. Following conditions are banned for domain ownership transfer:

A. The domain is pending dispute or in legal procedure.

B. The domain status is Client Ownership Transfer Prohibited.

C. Domain name is expired and payment overdue.