■ Renewal/Suspension/Redemption/Deletion

1. Renewal

  1. Renewal Period: You can renew your domain name at any time before its expiration.
  2. Price: Please see the price list.

2. Suspension

  1. Suspension period: 40 days.  
  2. Price: You can renew your domain name at regular price during the suspension period.
  3. Please note: If you do not renew the domain name after expiration, but before the deletion, the resolution of the domain name will be interrupted on the 8th day and point to our parking page. 

3. Redemption

  1. Redemption period: 30 days.
  2. Price: You need to pay renewal fee plus redemption administration fee to redeem your domain name.

4. Deletion

  1. Your domain name may be deleted after your domain expired, however the exact time for the deletion depends on each registry policy. 
  2. A deleted domain name will be opened to registration after the deletion.